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In the first almost 4 decades of my life, like the rest of the world, I encountered a series of challenges and disappointments. It was amazing I was able to reach a level of success financially that most women never reach. Independent, fortunate, social, and seemingly happy, yet my days were dominated by hidden anxiety and stress.

As child of an alcoholic, like many, I learned what codependency was at a very young age. Of course choosing a career as a master haircolorist and educator allowed me to play that out. It was very rewarding to enhance the beauty in each person that sat in my chair. I was creating a prettier world. Hey! I could change people! At least on the outside.

But at some point, I realized that I needed to spend some time making MY own world prettier. It seemed like the same negative situations and relationships kept repeating over and over. I knew that that there was something about me, that was keeping me from attaining true happiness inside. I could no longer blame others for my unfortunate mishaps or voids. I knew that something must change. It was time to really dismantle this way of thinking that was attracting these painful situations. It became obvious to me that if I was to truly be happy, I would need to roll up my sleeves and be willing to take responsibility for the feelings, emotions, and patterns that were creating my dilemmas. But how did I do that?

I had a client who had been going through some really great changes, and invited me to attend a seminar hosted by Seminars That Inspire. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to her for that invitation. My first seminar was “The Magic of Attraction”, the teacher, Dale Halaway. I learned more about myself in one weekend than I had learned in 40 years. Soon after, I chose a lifecoach from the STI network that could relate to my issues. Bit by bit, I began to transform hurt into healing, increasing in personal confidence everyday, and attracting so many of the wonderful things, and relationships I thought only existed in movies, and fairytales. With genuine dedication, I was able to clean and clear many of the weeds that grew in my emotional garden. About a year into my healing, I discovered that it was my deep desire to share the secret of this same healing with others. I was inspired to become a transformational life coach. I attended the TLC life coaching school, by Seminars That Inspire, and trained exclusively with Dale Halaway.

I am a 20 year entrepreneur, a business owner, and an educator. As a coach, I’m dedicated to helping others discover the power within that heals wounds, eliminates stress and attracts healthy relationships, prosperity, and joy.

I thank you for taking the time to read about me. I wish you peace and happiness today, and always, Kymberly.